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The challenge for lawyers right now... The topic of law marketing or the practice of marketing for lawyers is attracting more attention now than ever before and the main reason is, of course, The Legal Services Act which is expected to challenge regional, mid sized and small firms of lawyers to somehow become more service oriented even though they are already stretched for time.

The good news for you...  is that if your firm has a wealth of in house employment law experience and you are interested in building long term relationships with your clients you already have the basis for using niche marketing to successfully grow your employment practice. Even if you are launching a solo practice you can deploy niche law marketing techniques and make a very good living and have a life!

I guarantee niche marketing works... I can guarantee what I have said is true because I'm living proof that it works. Apart from my own success as an employment lawyer using niche marketing techniques to market services to commercial clients, I also work closely with law firms who license our HR Web Service to grow their practices. This means that partners in mid sized and small firms around England & Wales give me the inside track on their law marketing activities and you can benefit from these insights as they are incorporated into the Pain Free Marketing Report and this blog. 

Find out how I built a successful employment law practice by subscribing clients to a complete HR package for employers which essentially means they get 'my advice plus ELE's award winning HR Web Service' to help them manage their staff every day. This combination lends itself well to niche marketing for lawyers with an employment practice and enables us to earn repeat revenues year on year. We even earn revenue when our clients are using the web service because they pay a membership fee to access it. By offering your clients your expert advice when they need it most, supported by your own HR Web Service for all your clients' day to day HR management needs, you can build a lucrative practice and have quality of life. Here's how...

Work smarter not harder... Your next step is to learn the key techniques of niche marketing for employment lawyers and adopt law marketing techniques that work, and to do so in the shortest possible time. This blog will help you do exactly that so please add it to your favourites and keep reading to find out how you can successfully meet the challenges ahead by working smarter, not harder.

Pain Free Marketing for Lawyers helps you work smarter by focusing on 3 law marketing priorities...

  1. Growing your commercial practice using niche law marketing techniques
  2. Marketing for lawyers with limited time
  3. Marketing for lawyers with a limited budget

Download your free copy of my Pain Free Marketing Report for employment lawyers which includes a series of bonus email insights to help you put niche marketing for lawyers into practise.

There are lots of articles and resources on this blog, all of which are dedicated to helping you grow your practice and if you would like a chat about any of them please get in touch.

Warm regards,

Carolyn Mumby

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Successful businesses need to manage their employees efficiently and are looking to online, hosted technology services to help them do that. The ideal choice is a single HR portal which addresses all their needs.

Typically, client needs range from a requirement for specialist employment law and HR advice and representation through to systems for day to day management of administrative tasks.

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Posted: 20th June 2013
Tags: Products & Services, Added Value, Innovation, knowledge solutions


Lawyers: When did ‘beige’ become ‘Cappuccino’?

 The answer is: ‘When the marketing department at Nissan were told they had to sell beige cars’.  If you are interested in marketing for lawyers read on find out how you can turn boring beige legal services into desirable cappuccino coffee.

I was buying a car three years ago and having made all the technical decisions, it came to the fun bit i.e. choosing the colour and as I’ve done silver, black, red (much to my family’s annoyance as it shouted at us from the drive for 3 years) and midnight blue etc. I was keen for a change. But, I would never have dreamed of choosing what is generally accepted as being the ‘very embodiment of boring’ because I wasn’t shopping for a beige car, I was shopping for a lifestyle and that involves emotions. 



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Posted: 24th April 2013
Tags: Niche Marketing, Marketing, Design, Legal Marketing techniques, Brand Building, Law marketing, Branding

What can lawyers learn from vets?

How can small and medium sized legal practices compete with their larger competitors when it comes to offering the wide range of services demanded by clients today? The answer in terms of marketing for lawyers is to take advantage of outsourced services and technology and if you don't believe me take a look at the veterinary profession and the way it has developed in the past decade.

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Posted: 6th September 2012
Tags: Legal Marketing techniques, Added Value, Outsourcing

Lawyers are Top of the Tweets (well almost)

Having gained some of our best clients through social media sites such as Twitter, recent research from Orange Business comes as no surprise that it is an excellent investment in terms of marketing for lawyers. The research proves that our experience hasn’t just been a fluke and I’m feeling inspired to ramp up the effort we put into Twitter.

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Posted: 31st July 2012
Tags: Social Media, Social Networking, Twitter, Brand Building, law blogs, Law marketing, Strategy

Understanding why clients choose your law firm... and why they don't.

A couple of years ago, The Law Society Gazette ran a feature called “Public unable to name a single law firm”.  The focus of this piece was a YouGuv survey which had been carried out among 2000 individuals. One of the most shocking aspects of this article was perhaps the fact that around half of those questioned said that they would be happy to use the legal services of a non-legal brand, such as a financial services organisation.

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Posted: 18th June 2012
Tags: Customer Service, Added Value, Strategy

Your clients research legal services via video. It's a fact.

The New Dawn conference for lawyers in Reading proved to be a very useful networking event for us yesterday and lead to a lot of interest in the HR portal. The conference included insights into marketing for lawyers and workshops focused on innovative products and services for the legal industry.

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Posted: 4th May 2012
Tags: Educational Marketing, Video, Law marketing, Video promotion

Marketing for lawyers isn’t just about networking and delivering seminars. Lawyers need a marketing edge like this.

Once you have captured those leads you need to market your services to your contacts on a regular basis until they need to buy your services.

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Posted: 1st March 2012
Tags: Niche Marketing, Relationship Building, Educational Marketing, Video, Law marketing, Law Marketing Tools, Email marketing systems

Is a social media strategy right for your firm?

Larry Bodine is one of my favourite legal marketing experts and when I asked for permission to publish statistics from his excellent webinar he kindly agreed. The webinar provides an analysis of the comparitive effectiveness of social media in marketing for lawyers terms.  Blogs come out on top with a resounding 26.8% over Facebook at just 3.1% in one of the surveys analysed and Larry gives some tips for getting the most out of Linked in, such as join local groups that hold meetings in the real world, invite contacts to meet up and how to search for key executives in your target niche markets.

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Posted: 9th February 2012
Tags: Social Media, Social Networking, Law Marketing Tools, Strategy

Mobile technology usage is exploding and it seems the world has fallen in love with mobile apps so they have to be on the marketing for lawyers agenda.

The money spent on them and the time spent interacting with them is consistently increasing. The trend is global and unprecedented. The statistics show that we can’t take our eyes off our smartphones. So the question is 'Should you offer a mobile app to your clients'?

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Posted: 2nd January 2012
Tags: Niche Marketing, Statistics, Mobile apps, Innovation

Is Peninsula beating you at your own game?

Law firms don't usually sing the praises of Peninsula Business Services which is not surprising as they are often competitors. However, it is well worth studying their law marketing and business model as they have over 20,000 clients, high contract renewal rates and generated tens of millions of pounds in profits last year so they are definitely doing something right!

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Posted: 13th November 2011
Tags: Niche Marketing, Products & Services, Law marketing

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